Volunteer with the Historians


Hundreds of volunteers contribute thousands of hours,

not just at festival but throughout the year.


 "Many Hands Make Light Work"Rye Harvest-2


Words you will heartily agree with when you volunteer with the Historians.



At the Festival



Adults may get involved in the Folk Festival in a number of ways (click here for details on Goschenhoppen.org).  We are looking for new volunteers who already have the skills needed to demonstrate at the Festival or are willing to learn and spend the needed time to hone the skills necessary to become a master craftsperson. Besides demonstrating a trade or home skill, other volunteers are needed at the Folk Festival. Positions need to be filled in the concessions and food stands, admission gates, set-up crews, etc.




We have an Apprentice Program for students in 6th -12th grade (click here for details on Goschenhoppen.org).  We offer them the opportunity to learn traditional skills and trades from master craftspeople and knowledgeable historians thereby preserving segments of our history.


Other Volunteer Opportunities

Please visit The Historians main webpage Goschenhoppen.org for more information about volunteering with the historians.