Volunteer with the Historians


Hundreds of volunteers contribute thousands of hours,

not just at Festival, but throughout the year.


 "Many Hands Make Light Work"Rye Harvest-2

Words you will heartily agree with when you volunteer with the Historians.





Volunteer at the Festival



The Goschenhoppen Folk Festival relies on its volunteer craftsmen and craftswomen to pass on their knowledge.  We are deeply appreciative of all the countless volunteers who, over the years, have tirelessly taught novices the step by step processes of their craft.


We are looking for new volunteers who are willing to learn and spend the needed time to hone the skills necessary to become a master craftsperson.  Specific requirements may be essential to participate in a particular craft or activity at the Folk Festival.  For example, some crafts may require supplying your own tools and equipment, while others may have all the equipment provided to you.  The Folk Festival seeks to portray, as accurately as possible, the traditional ways of life in Goschenhoppen.  This also refers to gender roles in this community.


Authentic reproduction clothing will be provided to all new volunteers as needed.  All volunteers are expected to return all borrowed pieces of clothing in good condition or a replacement fee will be charged.

Besides demonstrating a trade or home skill, other volunteers are needed at the Folk Festival.  Positions need to be filled in the concessions and food stands, admission gates, set-up crews, etc.  We appreciate all those who offer to help us with all of the tasks that need to be done.


All volunteers at the Folk Festival are admitted by invitation only.  The Goschenhoppen Historians reserve the right to screen all volunteers and reserve the right to withdraw an invitation to participate in the Folk Festival.


To find out how you can help, or for more information, please contact us, attention “Folk Festival”    redmens_hall@goschenhoppen.org





The Folk Festival Apprentice Program is open to students in grades 6-12 (must be going to grade 6 in September).  We are looking for interested and motivated students who are eager to learn about a skill or craft from colonial Goschenhoppen or who would like to help out in other ways at the Folk Festival.

There are many activities to be involved in.  Students may participate one or both days.  The signup form needs to be submitted no later than June 7th.   Students must be in costume, most of which are provided by the Historians.  Individual follow-up will occur after the signup form has been reviewed.  For more information or to answer your concerns, please contact us, attention “Apprentice Program”.

Volunteer Opportunities Throughout the Year


There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the year!  Goschenhoppen is an ALL VOLUNTEER organization.


Festival prep is a year-round activity.  Tuesday evenings are "Work Nights" to maintain the Antes Plantation and garden.

In the museums, volunteers catalog photos, documents, and textiles and serve as docents.

Volunteers are always appreciated for their help making our events (the symposium, monthly meetings, Spook Night, and Christmas Market) a success.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering in our museums or at our events.  redmens_hall@goschenhoppen.org