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The Goschenhoppen Region

Pennsylvania Dutch scholars

William J. Frey, Alfred Shoemaker, and Don Yoder

wrote and edited a series of publications about Pennsylvania German life and culture from 1949 through 1997.  These excellent resources are now available online thanks to the efforts of Franklin and Marshall College and Ursinus College.

"The Pennsylvania Dutchman" and "Pennsylvania Folklife" Online


Historian Robert Wood

is a lifelong educator, artist, and writer who taught English in the public schools for over 30 years.

Bob is a past board member of the Historical Society of Montgomery County where he edited their Bulletin. He is on the Board of Directors of the Goschenhoppen Historians and an active member of that group. Additionally, he is a member of several local historical and heritage organizations and is President of the New Hanover Historical Society where he has published four books on township history which record and interpret the local Pennsylvania Dutch folk-culture.

The "Window Pane Tax"

A Curious Old Deed

A Voyage Up the Salt River

Bullying is Nothing New

Butchering Day on the Farm - Smoked Meats

Cazenove's 1794 Pennsylvania Travel Journal - Part 1

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Corncribs were on Every Farm

The Trials of the Early Ministers

Fish Wars on the Schuylkill


"Hex Signs" A Fascinating Pennsylvania Mystery

Himmelsbriefen were in Most Homes

To Market - Hucksters

To Market, Selections from Herbert Borneman MS

The Real Story of Mountain Mary - Part 1

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Nicholas Pomp

Pennsylvania Dutch Music and Dance

Daniel B Royer Diaries - Part 1

Daniel B Royer Diaries - Part 2

Daniel B Royer Diaries - Part 3

Thatched Roofs and Rye Straw

Spring Houses were Valuable Additions to the Farmstead

The Swamp Pike

Harvest Home

Building Boom in Brick Barns

The Swamp College in 3 Parts

Father Dubbs' Calling

Father Dubbs' Education

Father Dubbs' First Funeral